Set Marianne

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Jewelry set with interchangeable pieces . You can choose the option to buy two hanging pieces (single) or 4 pieces (double).

  • Material: 925 mm sterling silver 24k yellow gold plated.
  • Dimensions of the earrings: 24x50 mm approx.
  • Earring closure: 40cm approx.

This set is entirely manufactured in Spain by the best caring jewelrer hands.

Bauhaus Collection

Set Marianne

The Marianne model is one of the most practical, adaptable to any style. The set of circular geometries gives a naive and delicate air that makes them very easy to combine with any look and also with other jewels. The composition of the pieces will depend on your mood and you can go from a simpler look to a more sophisticated one.

Marianne discovered the Bauhaus school through the 1923 exhibition, and in that same year she entered. During his years at the school, he would stand out above many of his male colleagues, even collaborating with Walter Gropius himself in his architecture studio and designing some of the best pieces in the history of the school. She was another one of the brave women who ignored the recommendations to attend certain more feminine workshops and struggled to enroll in the metal workshop in which most men attended. I always design useful, practical and precious objects like this coffee and tea set that due to its amazing modernity continues to be marketed. Its coffee and tea set is well known as it is the main inspiration for the design of this set.

Set Marianne
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