Refund policy

If the product you bought is not what you expected, you have the right to return it. To do this, you must send us an email within 3 days of receiving the order to explaining the reason for the change or return. Once the exchange or return has been accepted by us, you must send your order through a transport agency or certified post to the following address; Calle Almansa 98 1b 28040 MADRID, within a period not exceeding 15 days from the purchase. The shipping costs for the return or exchange will be borne by the customer and once the product has been examined and if it is in perfect condition, the purchase amount will be returned less the shipping costs. In case of considering that the product is not in conditions of its return, CARAMBEL reserves the right not to proceed with it.
In the event that the reason for return is because the product arrives defective, the transport charges will be payable to CARAMBEL.