About me

Carambel is a multidisciplinary studio created by a young Architect unable to sit still or stop exploring new fields of design. As a result of her passion for fashion and architecture, the Carambel Jewels line of jewelery was born from the fusion of both.

It is an avant-garde line based on design and practicality conceived for the society of our century that seeks multifunctionality and the use of resources and to promote the creativity and ingenuity of the women of our century. It is a research project carried out carried out by the designer combining art, architecture and design with which it is intended to reach all the sophisticated and timeless women who want to join our adventure.

The founder of the brand and creator of the collections is Carmen GGAmbel Architect by profession and lover of design and fashion, she works in numerous areas of design, carrying out everything from interior design and architecture projects to fashion collections for Spanish firms such as Maya Hansen . Carambel jewels is proposed as a new personal project within her career in which she reveals and with which she wants to show the world her creativity and enthusiasm.


¿What worlds I have inside my soul that I have been asking for a long time means to fly?

Alfonsina Storni