The greatest jewel is freedom

We are an alternative to the established, conventional and expected.

We are technique turned into jewel. Design with a lot of balance.

A signature jewelry brand conceived by an architectural mind, seeking to create unique and versatile designs. Jewelry that enhances your authenticity, targeted for creative and unique minds. For people without fear and who feel free to express who they are, people who every day live a new story and build their own path.

Designed and manufactured in Spain for the world, now and forever.
Because authentic design transcends fashion.

The greatest jewel is freedom, the freedom to be...

You decide what is coming next



We want to inspire through independent and quality design, women who enhance their authenticity through creative, daring and sophisticated fashion.

Empowering them to express themselves and act as they really want at all times.

Our Principles

The touch that enhaces your charisma.
Original, versatile and innovative design.
Dare to go beyond what is established.
Each piece is a unique and special challenge that balances your style.

"The soul of Carambel"


Welcome to Carambel my creative universe, my place of recreation and expansion!

The place where everything and nothing can happen! Depending on what you decide, an abstract, fun and inspiring place created by me, an architect who never stops turning her head to do new things.

I entered the world of design and fashion back in 2013 when I was still studying the career and I decided to buy a sewing machine to make my own clothes ... from then on, even studying the career, it was a non-stop creating!

I continued training and investigating the world of design and fashion while continuing with my work as an architect and going through masters, collaborations with fashion designers and after a good dose of self-study I got here!

This brand is a combination of everything that I have learned so far and a place where I can show my creativity and my ideas. A place of learning and entertainment, where I can expose all my curiosities and where I can share with the world all the things that I love.
Art, design, architecture and fashion.

Do you follow me?

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