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Today I wanted to explain a little why the main concept of the brand: Interchangeable, multi-position, multi-use jewelry or whatever you want to call it!!

The idea came to me on a car trip home to spend the weekend with my family. When traveling, the truth is that I don't speak much, I prefer to sleep or read: P

But on this trip, since I had the idea of starting with the jewelry brand already hovering in my head, I kept thinking about the main concept. I wanted it to be different than what is currently in the jewelry market and I scribbled on the notebook until the lightbulb went on.

¿Why not use the same pieces of jewelry to be able to wear them in different ways?

And that's when I got the architect streak to draw different possibilities over and over again on the same space.s.

In the last years of my degree, I was obsessed and amazed with what is called flexible architecture, which basically consists of leaving a fixed immovable core within the space of the house such as the bathrooms and kitchen and leaving the rest to the mercy of circumstances. of space with movable partitions, transformable furniture, suddenly you can adapt your home to new situations in your life, or if you live in a small space to different situations from day to day. I leave here a very cool example of a 28 m2 apartment and the amount of possibilities it



Apartment in Milan, by studioWOK


With this in the subconscious is how I began to apply the same methodology to the jewelry design in which I was submerged. And it is that really with a little ingenuity it is possible to create basic pieces: the chain and the earring and other hanging pieces that are the ones you move! With the same resource you have several jewels that look totally different from each other. So you will never get bored. And they work exactly the same as the flexible home, adapting to your creativity, your charisma and the situations of your day to day.a.

The funniest thing is that with each set of jewelery you can play to create your own compositions, and you can wear the pieces as you want.

Take for example theSet Ellen has only in the necklace all these possibilities:


What is really original about the idea is that each set is different and the compositions of both the earring and the necklace are different from one set to another but also combinable with each other.

So if you get more than one set of Carambel you will always be able to combine them to your liking and get even more compositions to wear your jewelry!

In this video, for example, you can see how the Marianne set and the Sonia set could be combined.

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What do you think of the idea? Would you like it? Would you change something?go?

I would love to read your opinions!

A little kiss and until next week!


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