SUMMER ESSENTIALS. Jewelry for the beach


It has been done to beg but we are finally in summer, how I wanted it to arrive!!

After these rare months we are gradually returning to normality but we cannot forget what has happened and continues to happen, we have to take good care of ourselves and respect all the instructions to be able to enjoy the little big things of day to day as before. especially on vacation. The endless days with their long walks on the beach, the smell of the sea, the  salt on brown skin, meals at the beach bar, family time or sunsets with friends..

Summer is without a doubt my favorite time of the year. I love summer looks with plunging necklines, skirts, natural and casual hair but above all, I am passionate about being able to accompany all the looks with jewels that bring light to the face.

Good accessories are essential in our suitcase.



And this time of year is perfect to show and show off our jewels. Thelooks This season they have the ability to enhance and give visibility to all the accessories chosen, due to their striking colors and infinite possibilities when combining. Our bodies golden by the sun enhance the shine that the jewels give off!✨

I like them so much that I don't even waste my beach time with them. Our jewelry meets the requirements ofquality and they don't spoil so they become theperfect ally to highlight ourmore natural version of the summer together with our bikinis and beach looks.

Knowing that this summer it's time to change disco nights for beach bars, what better way than to start showing our best version from the morning, either through our little chains and small necklaces or our most daring sets.

 ¿How is ourMarianne Set in @Crismata 🤩


Our sets are perfectlywater resistant and they will not lose the gold bath even if you are the most aquatic mermaid.

OurOtti set will bring youown light In the summer sunsets, combined with other accessories and adapted to your style, it will become the perfect touch to sweep your look wherever you go.

Let's enjoy what we can while we're here.

As a friend of mine says,"To life we have come to spend the summer"Get the set that best suits you and enjoy the summer. Any questions or queries do not hesitate to write to us on our social networks or by mail





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