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I've been wanting to tell you about my favorite fashion designers for a long time, who I always keep track of and from whom I get the most inspiration. Today I present two of them.
The main one isIris Van Herpen, I think this Dutch designer is a true genius. Break all the schemes and limits between technology, fashion, art and techniquein their parades.

I am fascinated by the ability he has to innovate with each of the pieces in his collections. His garments reflect the meticulous work behind them, they are all works of art. The delicacy and elegance of his designs have been exhibited at: the Metropolitan Museum of Art, at the Victoria & amp; Albert, at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum in NY and at the Tokyo Palace in Paris.


The original and avant-garde designs of Iris want to show new forms of expression through fabrics.

In each collection, the systematic combination of the most traditional materials with the most unusual and difficult to imagine is appreciated, in order to provide a unique piece in ingenuity, quality and also in originality.
The shapes, cuts and styles respond to a unique aesthetic vision.Extreme art and design. Some of its collections are even characterized by the use of 3D printing and laser cutting, always taking care of every last detail.

Whenever he collaborates with artists and experts from different sectors, he achieves admirable results, even for the eyes of those who look at fashion in the most traditional way. She stands out for being one of the first designers to use the 3D printing technique in fashion, mixing fabrics with plastics that are shown in her masterpiece "foliage dress"where it achieves a perfect harmony in the mixture of both materials.

In his latest collection he has surprised us again with an artistic performance on the catwalk. Inspired by kinetic art with sculptural dresses capable of movement creating an exceptional visual impact.

I leave you a video of the parade so that you can appreciate the level of talent of Iris Van Herpen and her collaborators. His works always seem spectacular to me.

¿I'm wrong 

Another designer that I admire the most isHussein Chalayan, you know hims?
Hussein was born in Cyprus, studied fashion at Saint Martins and is one of the most conceptual designers, always looking to the future. He uses fashion to vindicate his origins and his designs speak of identity, migration or culture shocks.

His collection from the year 2000 is one of the best known, especially for the performance of its presentation. The models appeared in a seemingly empty room where there was only a table and some armchairs, later they would become wearable garments and accessories for the models. With this scene Hussein aspired to vindicate the issue of migration due to war situations.

Audiovisual producer and great lover of technology, his creations arecloser to contemporary art than to the large fashion production chains.

As an artist he represented Turkey at the VENICE Biennale with a short film starring Tilda Switon.

Their collections are the most avant-garde and a performance that involves the transformation of the garments themselves is always planned in their fashion shows. They melt, change shape, light up, break ... To attend one of their parades is to become a spectator of a theatrical work.

In their spring / summer 2001 collection, the garments were made with crystallized sugar. The models ended the show with a performance in which they undressed by tearing their clothes and beating them with hammers. In many other proposals he has shown an enormoussocial conscience. In 1998 he performed a most controversial performance with dresses inspired by thechador Traditional Islamic reflecting on the role of women in Muslim societies.

Chalayan defied taboos by presenting the collection of niqabs ranging in length from the conventionally long to a headscarf that left the naked body uncovered. Chalayan's show was an ingenious but controversial gesture about the social and cultural acceptance of women and the constant scrutiny of the body, of its image both in society and in religion.

Many pieces show her technical ability and deep mastery of pattern making, such as her dressairmail dress in tyvek envelope, 1999 It is sent as a paper mail letter and unfolds to become a full length dress. He also experiments with high-tech materials and creates garments that change shape based on temperature, containing remote-controlled motors orLEDs that change color.


If you have been a little curious to meet this genius, here are some of his parades. I admire that fashion is capable of transcending the superficial and manages to create these artistic works, serving as a claim and inspiration for everyone.

Like them, there are many designers who experiment with art and technology. I will tell you about them in other posts but I leave you a little hint so that you do not lose your attention: another of my great loves of fashion was also transgressive and controversial, the son of a taxi driver who ended up on his own merits being one of the most recognized designers and globally acclaimed🖤


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