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¿Do you think we will be the same type of consumer after this crisis?

An economic crisis is looming for a while that will change our way of perceiving consumption and will change our habits. I leave you a small reflection on how I understand this new normal.


These days we are seeing that the situation is slower than it seems. The Covid crisis is going to wreak havoc on the economy of many countries and all because we have been forced to stop the massive consumption that we were used to.
I recently read an article, which left me quite puzzled, about how the economy was going downhill because we were simply consuming what we really needed to live. What crazy truth? But let's define that boundary between what we really need and what we don't.What is called mass consumption and what is responsible and quality consumption.

I make a point to tell you a funny anecdote.
¿Did you know that during WWII, cosmetics in Britain were rationed, but that Prime Minister Winston Churchill insisted that lipstick remain in production as a purchase for women across the country Moral of the story Even during the worst moments in history, people still needed to take care of themselves and look good. Simply putting lipstick on women was found to boost morale.l. 


 “They were ordinary lives impacted by extraordinary events. If every part of their existence was taken over by the government, appearance was the only thing they could control”says historian Laura Clouting inThe Telegraph.

Suddenly what may seem banal and secondary in reality served to keep the spirits of many women in those difficult times and in which they also began to participate actively in the war.
 ¡And even the spirits of the men themselves! that encouraged them to continue fighting to return home together with their women who looked gorgeous wearing these lipsticks.Leaving aside the sexism of the time, and taking this anecdote to our field and to the present, we realize that it is very important that the general moral state of the population is maintained to overcome this crisis, which is both humanitarian and economic.

 Therefore, men and women, we will continue to seek to find ourselves well, we will continue to consume to look handsome in the activities allowed in the new normal and although consumption is necessary so that the country does not go down, our habits of purchase and trends when choosing products are going to become more human.
And it is in our hands as consumers the way to improve the economy of our country.As we have been doing these two months in our homes learning to cook and putting homemade food before precooked, we will have to turn our consumption habits towards more responsible companies that meet quality standards and value what is made in Spain.
During this time, I myself have continued to consume products that have made me feel better, but I have looked more than ever at their origin and quality.Unfortunately, what is coming is more than likely a global recession.And while the waters can be choppy, those of us who work in creative industries have a primary role in delivering products that can prevail, provide better service, and serve even a better aesthetic function.


In fact, it is possible to embrace the coming anti-consumerism and still design products that people want. Better thought out and better designed products than ever, which is not only good for consumers, it is good for designers, it is good for brands and it is also good for the environment.e.

Crises demand creativity. And this one specifically is going to require a reboot.
For too long, the world of fashion, in particular, has not been driven bybetter better better, butmore more more, and now is a reboot time to restore quality over quantity and restore the supply chain.
Considerate and necessary design will always find its place, no matter the economic environment. I quote William Morris:"Don't have anything in your house that you don't know is useful or that you think is beautiful". Yes, the same one who created the Arts and Crafts movement. He said this almost 200 years ago.



But one positive thing that I see and with which we will come out of this crisis is that I trust that people will buy with the above in mind, even without being properly aware of it. Based on the latest trends and market analysis, there seems to be hope that products that spark joy are in demand as people want to reward themselves after this long period of essential shopping and products that are well designed will be appreciated and they will mean much more than before.

Better products, better nutrition, closer proximity and better healthy habits.

It seems that the new normal is not as bad as we thought you do not thinks?




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