ARQUITECTURA E INSTAGRAM. La arquitectura más instagrameable de España.

ARCHITECTURE AND INSTAGRAM. The most instagrammable architecture in Spain.

Hello design lovers!

How are you doing summer? These days of vacations and trips we are taking the opportunity to go to the places we have seen through others on social networks. And is that every time the term "instagrammable" it becomes more common and the persecution of these places for simply having seen them on instagram becomes unconsciously more general.


Today's blog is dedicated tomore visionary architects that without the existence of social networks at the time of the construction of their buildings have captured in them all the characteristics that today draw the attention of everyone andthat hold so much visual potential that are worthy of being vehemently portrayed, posted, commented on, liked and shared. The instagrammable building is an objectively recognized treasure, an icon, the place where all your photos acquire significance and generate between envy and attraction.

I wanted to tell you about the best known architects on instagram in Spain for the characteristics of their works.


The king of them all is undoubtedly Ricardo Bofill with his work in Calpe de la Mred urallain the La Manzanera urbanization that would become part of the classics of Spanish architecture. The building was completed in 1973 although the architect says he began its design 10 years earlier. Today it is fully protected.

Its patios and battlements dyed in pink, red, purple and blue, are a symbol of modernity. The architect Ricardo Bofill expressed his admiration for the Mediterranean tradition of kasbah in its structure. The bright color that covers its exterior and interior facades contrasts with the tones of the environment, those of nature. Its shape reminds of a fortified enclosure that emerges from the rocks of the cliff where it is located.


The use of color in architecture is rare that is why this building stands out in this way, lThe matching color palette looks like something out of a Wes Anderson movie and together with the volumes of different types it has undoubtedly made it a place that everyone wants to photograph. The neighbors, however, are not so happy with living in one of the most instagrammable places in Spain and have requested to regulate the number of visits to the building to the town hall, because the posters that they themselves placed of "no entry to people outside the building "It has had no effect for hipsters and narcissists who want a photo with the coolest background in Calpe😜

Another Spanish location recognized on instagram for its architecture is undoubtedlythe City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia.
All the buildings that make up this popular architectural complex have aesthetic value in their own right. The City of Arts and Sciences designed bySantiago Calatrava works equally as wallpaper photos asset from a futuristic blockbuster .
This architectural complex located in the old course of the Turia river, dominates an area that is already an icon in the urban context of Valencia. In addition to its buildings for specific use, such as the Ocenogràfic or the opera, the complex has space to host exhibitions and open-air concerts, and with perfect corners for influencers from around the world to carry out their photographic sessions.

You know it
Another reference of architecture on instagram is the famousGuggenheim of Bilbao ofFrank Gerhy who along with the flower sculpture "Puppy" by Jeff Koons tHe has the title of the largest dog in the world -12.4 meters high, 60 tons in weight-, and without a doubt the most photographed.


The combination of the famous building with the spectacular façade of titanium plates along with the amount of sculptures and works of art around it make it a perfect place to take some good photos to post. One of those that give our feed a much more artistic and cool touch. Or not 😂

Many architects criticize this work precisely for that reason that it is only aesthetic and does not fulfill the functionality of a museum so well.

Architecture has to be at the service of people, yes, and fulfill a functionality first,But who tells us that what Fran Gerhy was really plotting was to attract millions of people a year to this enclave to take photos and, incidentally, see some expo?  If that was the goal, it certainly has more than succeeded.


I was not going to be less and I leave you my photo of Influencer at the Guggenheim with the work of the tulips by Jeff Koons. The other two are pending!
What do you think? You have chosen a vacation destination for having previously seen it on Instagram. Open debate and until next time!a!
I hope you are having a good August!




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