The brand

The concept of the brand consists of the multifunctionality of the pieces. It is about looking for a use of resources through which a system of exchange of pieces is established with which to play with the imagination.

Each pair of earrings comes with a chain with which you can mount the necklace, the system is very simple and you just have to unhook the piece from the earring and hook it onto the necklace.
It is very easy and intuitive and depending on the set you choose you can get one or more versions of both earrings and necklace.

In such a way that you will always have two options to wear them!

¿What is original? 
The commitment to quality is a fundamental pillar in each piece. We make our jewelry mainly with 925 Sterling Silver, 18K Gold and precious and semi-precious stones. Materials, which in addition to undergoing strict quality controls and being carefully selected and contrasted, make each piece unique and different. The production is entirely carried out in Spain, with Spanish artisans who have state-of-the-art precision technologies that provide each piece with an exceptional finish. All of our jewels are finished by hand, from polishing to setting each piece.