SARAH MEYOHAS. Mi última obsesión

SARAH MEYOHAS. My latest obsession

Hello art lovers!

This week I wanted to tell you about my latest obsession in the art world, and as always, I only bring you interesting and cutting-edge artists. Keep reading that you are going to love it ...

Work from the series "Speculations"

This is a 28-year-old French-American girl, graduated from Yale, who in just a few years has managed to position herself as a highly sought-after contemporary artist in today's modern art scene.

Mathematics, data, finance, "artificial neural networks", "generative confrontational networks", none of this scaresSarah meyohas.I have always been interested in valuesays the conceptual artist, whose works cross the boundaries of performance, photography, film, and virtual reality.

And is that apart from an artist is afreak from finance and began financing his first exposures from stock trades on the stock market. Today it has its own currencybitchcoin, a cryptocurrency he developed, modeled on Bitcoin, where each sold BitchCoin entitled the buyer to 25 square inches of one of the artist's current or future photographs. Idea, noo?

Last year, Meyohas made headlines on Fortune and CNBC with a project calledStock Performance, where he traded from a desk with a computer and then turned financial charts into pictures.


Image of the "stock performance"

But my favorite series without a doubt and with which it has conquered me to always keep track of it, is the series Speculationswhere the artist Sarah meyohas , create endless tunnels with facing mirrors against pastel backdrops. Smoke, flowers and fingertips line the reflective surfaces, creating dreamlike environments that draw the viewer into the image frame. With a mix of Josef Albers and Yayoi Kusama, Meyohas is interested in creating a seductive quality in each of the photos.Whether the colors or the flowers appeal to you, I want viewers to feel like they are stepping into a void, like standing on a cliffthe New York-based artist told Sleek magazine.



¿They do not seem wonderful?

¡If you know more artists of this style, tell me in comments so I can gossip about them!



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Me ha encantado Carmen. Voy a seguirle la pista a la artista. Se agradecen este tipo de post. Enhorabuena por tu marca, ¡eres una artista! Yo ya tengo el set Lilly y lo llevo siempre puesto.

Guiomar Blanch

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